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Graduate Studies

  • MA Social Policy Studies

Students must have a good first degree of Second Lower Division or better and pass an entrance examination and interview. A first degree in social science will be an advantage for gaining entry into the course.

Two years post degree work experience is required.

  • MPhil Social Policy Studies

There are two options for entry or admission to the MPhil Programme.

Candidates on the MA Social Policy Studies Programme with at least B+ average performance may be upgraded to the MPhil Programme.

Applicants who have obtained an MA in cognate disciplines, especially in the social sciences, and have also obtained a minimum of B+ average may be considered for admission. Students will be admitted into the second year of MPhil studies and will have the course work waived* but will be required to do one full academic year thesis preparation.

Special Programme

  • Short Course in Social Protection and Targeting
  • Short Course in Cash Transfers
  • Short Course in Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Short Course in Multi-Method Research Programme