The overarching theme for the CSPS International Conference: Financing Social Policy in the 21st Century has been inspired by past research from institutions such as UNRISD, whose findings and conclusions from studies of welfare states and developmental states leave one in no doubt of the complexity of mobilizing resources to sustain social wellbeing. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) launched by the UN in 2015 are unequivocal in their call for social transformation that leaves no one behind, no matter the cost. By all indications the challenge is not simply about wealth and other resources, but equally about the politics of resource allocation. Seemingly intractable differences between pro-efficiency policymakers on the right and pro-equity policymakers on the left have endured into the 21st Century, leading to tensions between the two camps that have directly affected commitments to welfare provisioning. In some advanced countries these tensions have sparked serious social spending cuts that have left the less privileged even more vulnerable to shocks and risks. On the other hand, policymaking in developing countries is in an age where convergence is seen to be preferable to polarization and many countries and development partners have shifted their stance on social spending at least to the extent that they express strong rhetoric in favour of inclusive development. But in reality many of these countries are struggling with finding the resources and the political will to prioritise social spending to back their talk on inclusive development.  The Conference is intended to provide the space for both policymakers and academics, as well as development practitioners to deliberate on the challenge of financing social policy in the era of rights based development in developing countries.
The conference sub-themes for which papers are being sought include:
        i.            Ideologies and policy models of [financing] social policy
      ii.            Options for financing social policy
    iii.            Globalization and implications for financing social policy
    iv.            Achieving empowerment through social investment
      v.            External versus local actors in financing social policy
    vi.            Public and private investment in social services
  vii.            The cost of enforcement and regulation in social policy implementation
The suggested themes are not exhaustive. Other topics relevant to the theme of the conference are welcome. The conference will have plenary and parallel sessions.
Submission of Abstracts
Abstracts of papers under any of the themes not exceeding 250 words, must be submitted to csps@ug.edu.gh on or before the deadline stated below.
·         Submission of abstracts: Monday 19th February 2018 at 17hrs GMT.
·         Notification of presenters of selected abstracts: Friday 9th March 2018.
·         Confirmation of participation by presenters: 31st March 2018
The abstract should contain information on the objectives, methodology and findings of the research. Conceptual and theoretical papers will also be accepted.
The submission must contain information on the title of the paper and the name, affiliation and email address of the corresponding author.
Authors are encouraged to collaborate to form panel sessions comprising four papers. Submissions for panel presentations should include a summary of 250 words and an abstract for each paper.  The panel submission must include the name and email address of the person organising the panel.
All enquiries should be directed to csps@ug.edu.gh or call +233 (0)503-139-815.