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Announcing CSPS Programmes

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Admission of Students into M.A. Social Policy Studies Programme

Applications are invited from graduates who wish to pursue M.A. Social Policy Studies at the Centre for Social Policy Studies (CSPS), University of Ghana

Master of Research and Public Policy (M.RPP)

Master of Research and Public Policy (

Master of Arts (M.A) in Social Policy

The Centre runs a Master of Arts teaching programme in Social Policy Studies with a student enrol

M.RPP February 2016 Application



Download the above file for more details.


Short Courses

The Centre for Social Policy Studies is organizing short courses on Social Protection this July a

4,172 Graduate at UG November 2014 Congregation Ceremonies

4,172 former students of the University of Ghana, have graduated during the November 2014 Congregation ceremonies. The ceremonies were held over two days, with each day comprising two sessions.