Ph.D in Social Policy Studies

Year started: 2014/2015

Funding source: Fee paying

Introduction:  Established in 1996 as a research centre at the then Faculty of Social Studies, the Centre for Social Policy Studies (CSPS) expanded to include teaching in M.A in Social Policy programme in 2007. The main intention at the time was to extend the M.A programme to a doctoral level. In line with this aspiration, and as part of the University of Ghana’s new structured PhD programme, the Centre has started a coursework based Ph.D Social Policy Studies programme.

Objective: The main objective of the programme is to provide a platform for students who desire to pursue advanced academic and professional careers in social policy. It is anticipated that the programme will address the absence of higher level training opportunities and the growing needs for advanced studies in social policy research to meet the developmental requirements for Ghana and the rest of the sub-Saharan African region.

Courses [Year One]

 First Semester

 Core courses

  • Philosophy of the Social Sciences
  • Comparative Social Policy Theories
  • Financing Social Policy

Elective Courses

  • Human Capital Development
  • Comparative Health Policies

Second Semester

Core Courses

  • Advanced Quantitative Analysis and Data Management
  • Advanced Qualitative Analysis and Data Management
  • Advanced Public Policy Analysis


  • Poverty, Vulnerability and Social Inclusion
  • Contemporary Spatial Issues in Social Policy


Year Two:

  • Experiential Learning and Seminar Presentations
  • Thesis writing

Years Three and Four:

  • Thesis Writing
  • Seminar Presentations

Teaching approaches:

                       Lectures for all the courses will be delivered through:

·         Power point presentations by lecturers

·         Interactive discussions between lecturers and students

·         Group work (group discussions, exercises, debate, presentations by students to plenary)

·         Case study (including e-cases)

·         Role Play

Entry requirements:

Applicants with MA/MSc/MPhil in Social Policy or cognate disciplines (e.g. Sociology, Psychology, Political Science) with a minimum of B+ average will be admitted into the Ph.D Social Policy Programme after successfully going through an examination and admission interview.