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Faculty publications in 2021

Multidimensional Child Poverty in Ghana: Measurements, Determinants, and Inequalities  [Click here for open access article]
(Antoinette Tsiboe-Darko, with Frank Agyire-Tettey, Derek Asuman and Charles G. Ackah)  

Understanding the motivations and roles of National Development Experts in Ghana: ‘We do all the donkey work and they take the glory' [Click here for article]
(Emmanuel Kumi, with P. Kamruzzaman)  

Friend or patron? Social relations across the national NGO-donor divide in Ghana  [Click here for article]
(Emmanuel Kumi, with J. Copestake)

Negotiating organisational access as a multifaceted process:  Comparative research experiences with three advocacy NGOs in Kenya [Click here for article]
(Emmanuel Kumi, with T. Saharan and M. Matelski))

Government’s ban on artisanal and small-scale mining, youth livelihoods and imagined futures in Ghana [Click here for article]
(Emmanuel Kumi with L. Osei, T. Yeboah, T., & E. Fredua Antoh)

Female labor force participation, infrastructure, and sectoral value additions in Sub-Saharan Africa 
(Emmanuel Kumi, with T. Yeboah & M. Ibrahim)

Children living on the street: Current efforts in policy research and practices in Ghana [Click here for article]
(Ernestina K. Dankyi)

Street children in Ghana’s Golden Triangle cities: Mental health needs and associated risks [Click here for article]
(Ernestina K. Dankyi, with K-Y. Huang)

Gender wage gaps in Ghana: A comparison across different selection models [Click here for article] 
(Kwadwo Opoku, with Emmanuel Adu Boahen)                                                                   

Self‐employment preferences among university graduates in Ghana: Does gender make a difference? [Click here for article]
(Nana Akua Anyidoho, with K. Ajayi)

Skills or credentials? Comparing the perspectives of degree-and non-degree-holding Ghanaian graduates on the value of higher education [Click here for article]
(Nana Akua Anyidoho)