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About CSPS

For 25 Years

CSPS has been instrumental

to meet Ghana’s development priorities.


Established in 1996 at the University of Ghana, the centre aims to influence effective social policymaking and practice through research, teaching, and advocacy. 

Through research on various aspects of social policy and social protection, the centre provides empirical evidence for effective social policymaking for the welfare of the entire population of Ghana, and in particularly the socially-disadvantaged. In addition to research, the centre builds the capacity of social protection, researchers, practitioners and advocates through its teaching programs. Beginning with the introduction of the MA  in Social Policy Studies in 2007, the centre now offers  PhD degree in Social Policy Studies, as well as a Masters in Research adn Public Policy.  Short courses and a seminar series extents CSPS training to the general public. 


Vision & Mission

The Centre for Social Policy Studies is commited to sound research, advocacy and training on policy in order to promote social development that is equitable and comprehensive for the well-being of all in suity, including he socially and economically disadvantaged.  

Faculty & Staff