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Degree MA Social Policy
Graduation year 2022
Job Title Programme Director

Nana Adwoa Afriyie Bonsu


Background:   My job on various donor-funded projects took me to some remote parts of Ghana during field visits. I came face to face with social issues affecting people in our communities, sometimes, just 50 kilometers away from major cities. I used to engage young boys and girls about their aspirations and I found them amazing. In 2017, I made a decision to impact the lives of the vulnerable and marginalized especially in our communities, in whatever small ways I could. I needed, first, to understand the fundamental reasons of our current situations, what polices are available to address them, how are the policies made, their implementation, and what more could be done. Seeking answers to some of these questions drove me to enroll at CSPS. 

Life @ CSPS:   Life at CSPS was interesting. After acquiring knowledge, I began to appreciate the underlying details for the current happenings in our society. The introduction of online learning as a result of Covid-19, even though new to me, was very exciting. On a lighter note, CSPS Semester One examination reminded me that I had not written lengthily with pen in a long while. Writing about eight (8) pages with a pen within a stipulated timeframe was very challenging but I made it.

Goals:  While writing my thesis on adolescent pregnancy and early motherhood, I came to terms with certain realities that hitherto seemed like fiction to me. One of such was how some young girls did not even understand the changes in their bodies on attaining puberty and their obliviousness about the repercussions of engaging in unprotected sex. Moved with passion, I started writing proposals for support to embark on advocacy about the issue. Gladly, a proposal I wrote has received funding to educate community members and learners (JHS and SHS) in selected communities about HIV Prevention and Reproductive Health Education. I am very glad. This is just the beginning.

Networks:      My network has expanded through CSPS. I recently attended a seminar on Social Protection where three CSPS faculty members presented. I was so glad to tell my work colleagues that I knew them. They also warmly received me and it was such a delight. I have also sought clarifications, insights and leads from my mates and lecturers when necessary. It feels good to know that I have such a solid external support at vantage places.