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Degree MA in Social Policy Studies
Year of graduation 2022
Job Title Head of Department
Organisation Social Welfare and Community Development, Bongo District Assembly

John Theodore Azam


BackgroundI had been working in the public sector on various issues concerned with the welfare of the vulnerable. As part of this, I was involved in the implementation of social protection programmes at the local level. I subsequently realized that I needed to pursue a passion in this field. In my encounter with social protection professionals, it was understood that pursuing a degree in Social Policy would help in realizing my dream of becoming an expert in the field.  In 2019, I took that step and I’m glad that today I seem to be getting closer to realizing this dream.

Life @ CSPS: It was indeed great meeting course mates from diverse fields who helped to enrich discussions during our lecture periods and the banter which ensued during these discussions. The seminar series on Thursdays was also a period which I often looked forward to as we always had the opportunity to meet faculty and other accomplished lecturers who brought their perspectives to bear when research findings were shared. Not to mention the fun and practical experience we had when we had to travel for various field trips to the Eastern region and to listen to lectures at the British Council and ISSER.

Goals: CSPS has brought me closer to realizing my dream of becoming a social protection expert. The knowledge gained has given me insights. I have subsequently moved on and enjoyed further training (being one of only four Ghanaians in my cohort) on TRANSFORM, an initiative of These have been possible not only as a result of the lectures but the critical information and pieces of advice I received from the very experienced faculty of CSPS.

Networks: It’s always been my dream of meeting new friends and forming new networks. Fortunately, CSPS offered such a platform and I am glad to have met so many wonderful people from various establishments who have had one influence on me or the other. It’s also exciting to have made friends with faculty members. I like the friendly and warm attitude of the lecturers who have continued to show concern and offered advice on what steps to take next.