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Degree MA Social Policy
Graduation year 2015
Job Title President
Organisation Full Gospel Church International

Rt. Rev. Samuel Nii-Noi Mensah

Background: As a pastor, my philosophy is grounded in the concept that the human being is a tri-partite being with Spirit, has a soul, and lives in a body. Therefore, my work – which covers human social behaviour, society, patterns of social relationships, interaction, the supportive life of the people, and their spirituality – was the motivation to enrol at CSPS.  My interactions with community members revealed the social challenges people go through and the need to introduce interventions that can support the livelihood of the people.

Life @ CSPS: My period of studies at the CSPS came with much memorable experience, including my interaction with lecturers and staff and meeting with people from different professional backgrounds.  At that level of academic pursuit, one is expected to be accommodative and be willing to learn from the experiences of others from a different professional background.

Goals: Professionally, CSPS has positioned me to analyse social issues and policies of the government. This has helped me blend spirituality, life application activities and programmes to the social needs of the people through relevant and practical preaching. I have been able to shape the development of the church through advocacy and church council policies through a social policy lens to empower and improve the lives of the less privileged in society. The knowledge acquired at CSPS has helped me contribute to social and national issues in Ghana through my print and online publications and from the pulpit as a Pastor.

Networks: Meeting with people from the different professional background at CSPS enabled me to build networks that have yielded some positive results even after completion of the programme.

To prospective students: The social life and the dynamics of social change, social cause and consequences of human behaviour has assumed such great importance which will demand social policies . Social policy provide SHADE for the less privileged and the vulnerable in society where

S- Social Justice

H- Human Development

A – Assist the Poor

D- (no) Deprivation

E- Empowerment of the Next Generation.

I will therefore recommend CSPS to anyone who desires knowledge relevant to society's current needs and organisations and to build a better future. The mode of teaching and learning facilities make studies very conducive at CSPS.