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Degree MA in Social Policy Studies
Year of graduation 2022
Job Title Consultant (Research and M&E) and Administrative Affairs Officer
Organisation TSGDrive Transport and Logistics

Victoria Osei Sarfo

Background: Prior to enrolling at CSPS, I worked  with an NGO that focused on disability issues. After leading an inter-country research study, I realized that the numerous good projects and advocacy drives had policy implications and recommendations but hardly did they include collaborations policy or getting their work to policy/decision makers. This sparked my interest in applying for the programme in social policy studies at CSPS.


Life @ CSPS:  I had a lot of memorable moments with my colleagues and faculty. One of such moments was our practical field work which took place in January 2020 led by Dr. Afranie. From the field work, which commenced with discussions with the Eastern Regional office, to engaging the district and then the community, and eventually engaging in the research were filled with memorable experiences. To add to this, recording and transcribing data gathered was also educative. Although most of us had field work experience, coming together as a team and learning form each other was an experience to hold on to. The most memorable moment, however, was when my supervisor, the CSPS director, stepped in to provide me with words of encouragement which I needed desperately.  With her direction and assistance, she helped me to complete and submit my thesis when I lost my dad. Honestly, I owe my MA to God and my aupervisors.  This is something I will forever cherish because the director, Professor Nana Akua Anyidoho, was supportive even before she was assigned as my supervisor.


Goals:  Before joining CSPS, my understanding on social issues and government’s response to them was that of just consuming information and responding based on a narrow understanding. However, enrolling in CSPS, my knowledge in u what constitutes a social problem and the processes involved in policy making was broadened, as well as what influences governments in making certain decisions. This led me to start a podcast to talk about social issues. CSPS has changed my perspective in my analysis of world issues and I am optimistic that, with the knowledge acquired, I will make a difference wherever I find myself.


Networks:  In spite of the demographics of the class, the relationship built has created a formidable springboard to collaborations. One of which include a plan of setting up a think-tank in partnership with the faculty. I believe this symbiotic relation will keep us connected for a lifetime. Not forgetting the Director, Dr. Afranie, Dr. Dankyi and the faculty and staff, we’re indeed in need of your guidance and mentorship throughout.